I come from a very international background, having lived in multiple countries (and in multiple languages), being multiracial, studying International Business/Marketing, and more recently working in international student and recruitment at a well-respected ESL center in the United States. One of my British friends once nicknamed me “the Multiple Box-Ticker” to represent the fact that there is no single category of anything that fits me–and that’s the way I like it!

So, why did I create this blog? There are many reasons; however, overall, I wanted a place to write my ideas, thoughts, and stories–and it all would be related to my favourite theme: “all things international.” Whether it’s a story of the challenges I face when recruiting, advising, or otherwise interacting with my international students, or whether it’s a tale of my adventures in international travel and Marketing, I thought it would be fun–and helpful–to take a few minutes and write these things down. Overall, this is a neat space that is just for “International Me”–and anyone else who fits the description!

Note: Views presented on this site do not reflect the views of my employer.

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